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The choir was formed in September 2000 and since then almost 100 people have been involved in amateur chanting. Some survived only briefly others stayed and were part of a 34-member Cantare group. Throughout our fifteen years, we are very happy to contribute rehearsed compositions to enrich the cultural life of our city it´s surroundings and sometimes "sell" our art to the distant cities of our country or even beyond its borders. It is a special coincidence that our foreign tours always went to sunny Italy. The first Italian music festival was celebrated in 2007 in the small seaside town of Cervia, where we have so far been a little embarrassed at smaller concerts. After a while in 2012 we dared to a larger music festival of spiritual music that hosts singing choirs from all over the world - the MUSICA SACRA FESTIVAL in Venice and in 2014 we went again to the same festival of spiritual music that was held in Rome this time . In both beautiful cities, we have experienced a true choir atmosphere where we have measured our choir and at the same time admired the art of choirs from other countries, such as Armenia, Estonia, Sweden, Greece and many others. In Venice, our singing was borne by a church with excellent acoustics and a great experience was exalted by the fact that at that time in this temple was played and played by the Italian Baroque giant Antonio Vivaldi. We could sing in Rome not only in the concert hall but also in the famous Pantheon in front of all the choirs present. Another wonderful experience came from these beautiful cities from their history and from all the sights we have been able to visit in our busy schedule. We are always leaving the international concerts with a beautiful feeling that we liked our performances and even received a gold medal from the jury. It always brings us great joy and brings new enthusiasm for further work.

I started generously abroad but our main activity is in the "domestic scene" when we are preparing for 15 years in cooperation with Primary school Slavičín a program for big Christmas or Advent concerts which are frequented by Slavičín listeners. Each year, we strive to make the program of these concerts interesting and varied, so we have invited many amateur or professional orchestras to work together. Most of us cooperated with professional musical ensemble Musica Minore Brno, we also hosted Ensemble Opera Diversa Brno. During the celebrations of the tenth anniversary, our choir accompanied the Orchestra of students of the Kroměříž Conservatory, cooperation also took place with the amateur chamber ensemble Collegium Classic from Uherský Brod and with dulcimer music from Slavičín and from Valašské Klobouky. For two years in a row, students from the Ostrava School of Music with the ensemble "We Sessions" were given the opportunity to bring a joyful spiritual mood to the concerts. And in many cases we have used domestic forces, teachers and former pupils of the Art School mostly students of art schools who with enthusiasm supported our efforts and played with us. And I must also forget about our youngest singers - the children of the Tučňáci choir from the Slavičín Art School. To all those mentioned, children, teachers, former pupils, members of orchestras as well as soloists to the singers who hosted us I would like to thank with all my heart. We greatly appreciate their cooperation because they also gave our concerts a fuller and more beautiful dimension and together we created a nice adventurous or Christmas atmosphere for Slavičín listeners. And we have also been enthusiastic about them, guest musicians admire every year a great attendance at our church and the enthusiasm with which concerts we perform at a very good level.

Besides these concerts, Cantare has also performed many different performances outside Slavičín. Our choir was several times at the choir festivals, for example in Bojkovice, Luhačovice, Moravská Třebová, we were guests in nearby Zlín, in more distant Cologne or we sang at St. Wenceslas celebrations in Kutná Hora or Sedlecká katedrála. Similarly, our Cantare Corps organized several choral meetings in Moravia, Slovakia and Bohemia in Slavičín.

By choosing the spiritual songs we have also enriched the local worship services and we have already welcomed the invitation to organize a benefit concert several times. It is nice to know that we have helped an organization get the money it needs for a good thing.

Cantare singers have a very young spirit and can also have great fun. Since 2009 they have been co-organizers at the concerts every year, and their playfulness is fully reflected in the prepared musical scenes, which they always like very much and to which the public has been enjoying traditionally. I am also delighted that we have great soloists in our choir, able to prepare our own repertoire on their own, and will often surprise us with its convincing performance. And because of the young and gifted singers, there is also a small CANTAREČKO chamber choir singing interesting and unconventional choir adaptations of modern songs.


Anna Frajtová, SPS Choirmaster